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The Arno Ziesnitz Collection of Meerschaum Pipes

February 14, 2018 - February 26, 2018

Nearly ninety examples were included in this special sale. Subjects include animals, mythological figures, military, erotic, and much more. Some of the pipes are included in the book, "Collecting Meerschaum Pipes" by Benjamin Rapaport and others appeared in the exhibit "The Art and Design of Antique Smoking Pipes" at the Brandywine River Museum and in the 1990 exhibit "Meerschaum Masterpieces, The Premiere Art of Pipes" held at the now defunct Museum of Tobacco Art and History in Nashville, Tennessee. This collection represents the golden era of Meerschaum pipe art: the second half of the 19th century. The collection includes some of the best examples to come to market in recent history. View entire catalog

  • 1318001
  • A Monumental Meerschaum Pipe, Classical Figures
  • Realized: $4,600
  • 1318009
  • A Meerschaum Pipe, Nude Bacchanalia, Souvenir of the 1873 Vienna World's Fair
  • Realized: $1,600
  • 1318008
  • A Meerschaum Cheroot Pipe, Erotic, Nude Woman with Mandolin with the Man in the Moon
  • Realized: $850
  • 1318021
  • A Meerschaum Pipe, Native American Chief
  • Realized: $1,100
  • 1318012
  • A Meerschaum Cheroot Pipe, Erotic, a Female Nude with a Male Photographer
  • Realized: $1,100
  • 1318036
  • A Meerschaum Cheroot Pipe, St. George and The Dragon
  • Realized: $950
  • 1318039
  • A Large Meerschaum Pipe, Woman with Dog, Birdcage, etc...
  • Realized: $1,100
  • 1318059
  • A Meerschaum Pipe, Classical Group with Cupid and Nude
  • Realized: $900
  • 1318072
  • A Meerschaum Cheroot Pipe, Group with Figures and Dog
  • Realized: $1,400